Welcome to your child’s new pediatric-focused dental home. Your child’s first appointment is very important to us. Our goal is to create a fun, supportive, non-fearful, and caring environment that allows your child to develop a positive and healthy outlook on dentistry and on oral health.

You, as a parent, play an important role in getting your child started with a good attitude toward dental care. You will want to keep talk about your child’s upcoming visit “low-key” and to refrain from using any words that could cause unnecessary fear, such as “needle” or “drill.” Be positive. This approach enables your child to view the upcoming dental visit as an enjoyable opportunity to stay healthy. We are experienced in dealing with children with anxiety and can explain treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings toward dentistry.

Treating your child is our passion. Restoring a happy, healthy child’s smile is very rewarding.  Please help us gain cooperation from your child in order to have a wonderful dental experience.

Your baby’s first visit is a simple visual exam to evaluate your child’s oral health and to determine his/her risk for developing dental disease. A gentle prophy cleaning is performed, and a fluoride application is given by one of our child-friendly dental assistants. Usually, no radiographs (X-rays) are taken at this appointment.

Feel confident about your child’s care as our doctors also look for relatively common and uncommon infant oral conditions that you may not have heard of, such as: tongue-tie, missing teeth, abnormal teeth, inclusion cysts, natal teeth, iron stain, and more.

You will receive guidance to help you prevent potential problems, including dental disease, in your child’s future. Along the way, feel free to ask any questions you may have about your child’s new teeth and about their oral health. Let your infant become familiar with the dental office setting in a positive way, before he/she gets bombarded with negative propaganda from older siblings, from peers, or even from dental-phobic parents. Enjoy this primary prevention visit where dentistry is “fun” and where future dental disease can be prevented!

Your cooperation is appreciated. Remember, good general health depends partly on the development of good habits, such as sensible eating, good sleeping routines and exercise. In addition to these same good habits, your good dental health also depends on proper brushing, on regular dental visits, and on a good diet. These points and others can be discussed thoroughly during your child’s appointment.